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from alexandria, va to chicago, il - i'm missing you already

this journal has been a sapfest/sobfest as of late and i figure, why stop it now? the night before i left, alex gardenhead and shannon symptom gave me a mix cd that they made for my road trip to chicago. it is all made up of songs that mention chicago or have chicago in the title, or have some special relevance to me. seriously, it broke my heart. i started crying when 'the district sleeps alone tonight' came on and then was screaming at the top of my lungs to 'the city'. honestly, how am i ever going to find ppl like this? ppl who truly care. xo.


simon & garfunkel: bookends
magnetic fields: washington dc
q & not u: & the washington monument (blinks) goodnight
bad brains: banned in dc
nation of ulysses: you're my miss washington dc
"you're a dreamer" (from "waking life")
frank sinatra: my kind of town
90 day men: we blame chicago
bis: chicago
soul coughing: is chicago, is not chicago
the rolling stones: 2120 south michigan avenue
the aislers set: chicago new york
richard ashcroft: song for the lovers
remy zero: belong
wilco: via chicago
spoon: vittorio e
the postal service: the district sleeps alone tonight
the dismemberment plan: the city
l'altra: goodbye music
super xx man: waiting for your return

chicago is pretty grand. yesterday i dropped the u-haul off in bucktown after doing some unpacking. then i walked back to wicker park (somewhere around 2.5 miles) to get a better view of my neighborhood. i stopped off at earwax for lunch and then i mosied (sp?) on down to reckless records and bought far too much stuff for a girl with no job (as of yet) to buy. afterwards, i went home (1000 block of n. paulina), unpacked some kitchen supplies with the roommate, then took a big nap, since i thought i'd be able to eat dinner at the abbey pub. this did not happen, because i wanted to see all of metric's set and the kitchen was closed by the time their set was over. metric were absolutely great and their front woman is one of the best i have ever seen. broken social scene were also great and eric and i left at nearly the end, because i was going to keel over from having not eaten. we went to the golden nugget and had the best diner meal i've had here so far, then we went back to my place, and slept on non-fitting ikea sheets.

a bit ago, i got an email from miss stephanie impossible making some of the sadness go away, because she was reminding me of our dcfc/lw trip which begins tomorrow when she and miss laura struckfervid get into chi-town at 7:30am and then we leave for iowa city, iowa.

:Death Cab for Cutie & the Long Winters
We 10/08 : Iowa City, IA (the Union Bar | 18+)
Th 10/09 : Minneapolis, MN (First Ave. Main Room | AA)
Fr 10/10 : Chicago, IL (the Metro | 9 p.m. | 18+)
DCFC w/o TLW >> Sa 10/11 : Chicago, IL (the Metro | 7 p.m. | AA)
TLW w/o DCFC >> Sa 10/11 : Chicago, IL (Subterranean | 9:30 p.m. | 21+)
Su 10/12 : Champaign, IL (High Dive | 19+)

cut from the stephanie's journal.

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