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yeah, i'm wearing pants.

i had an eloquent entry all thought up, but then i realized just how much i still have to do before leaving tomorrow. seriously, i am freaking out. oh god. yeah. i need to sleep.

to those who helped me move: seriously, i could not have done it without you. you are worth yr weight in goldschlager. or however it's spelled. i love you and i miss you already. the thing that sucks the most is meeting wonderful ppl like alison and leslie and having to leave them behind. oh, they're coming with me. you'll see.

addendum 03:28am: alex's entry just made me cry.

addendum 03:47am: shannon's post made me sob and then alex just made it worse on im, but then made it better again: "Gardenhead1 (3:48:45 AM): maybe i'll miss the way you put avocados in everything. or your love for chocolate with caramel." seriously, i am a lucky girl to have such amazing ppl in my life. leaving the city doesn't mean i'm leaving them behind.
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