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finally, i've typed up the list of the stuff i played when i djed hump night @ galaxy hut. the bands i think that are criminally overlooked and are currently still together are followed by the word LINK and a link to their website. most (and by most i mean, all but ONE) of the links include an mp3 or two, SO PLEASE GO CHECK THEM OUT (and let me know what you think).

hang (out with) the DJ
27 august 2003 from 9pm-ish to 1am-ish:

starflyer 59 - drive a lot (tooth & nail)
come down - this is not a song (demo) LINK
aveo - bridge to the northern lights (red tired)
vitesse - late morning (acuarela)
the arrogants - the incurables (shelflife)
adorable - sunshine smile (creation) - REQUEST FROM JENNIFER pulpstress WHO WAS THERE IN SPIRIT
charlene - sugarblocker (sharkattack!) LINK
pinback - b (absolutely kosher)
palaxy tracks - to the chicago abyss (peek-a-boo) LINK
broken social scene - stars and scars (arts & crafts)
blind mr. jones - regular disease (bizarre planet)
spoon - something to look forward to (merge)
eggstone - hold onto your ego (soap)
quasi - i never want to see you again (up) - REQUEST FROM CATHERINE
flaming lips - knives out (radiohead cover) (warner bros.) - REQUEST FROM PETER
aarktica - ocean (silber) LINK
kyle fischer - just one more day (polyvinyl)
l'altra - motorme (aesthetics)
mojave 3 - in love with a view (4ad)
royal city - spacy basement (three gut)
wolf colonel - one thousand ways (k) LINK
super xx man - stroll on through n.o. (peek-a-boo)
yogaberry - sick of the truth (slr)
the deathray davies - she can play me like a drum machine (idol) LINK
superheroes - rich and famous (crunchy frog) LINK
goldfrapp - train (mute)
i am the world trade center - shoot you down (stone roses cover) (kindercore)
justin timberlake - like i love you (jive)
cex - destination sexy (tigerbeat 6)
figurine - heartfelt (march)
the faint - worked up so sexual (saddle creek)
adult. - glue your eyelids together (ersatz audio)
the thermals - i know the pattern (sub pop)
the rapture - out of the races and onto the tracks (sub pop)
os mutantes - bat macumba (omplatten)
pas/cal - i'd bet my life you'd bet your life (le grand magistery) LINK
super furry animals - she's got spies (flydaddy)
#poundsign# - ayso - REQUEST FROM LES
rocketship - carrie cooksey (slumberland)
the push kings - love in my heart (sealed fate)
broken social scene - cause = time (arts & crafts) - REQUEST FROM JEFFY B.
the glands - swim (capricorn) LINK
darren hanlon - punk's not dead (candle)
joy electric - sugar rush (chordant) - REQUEST FROM MARY
poulain - completely uninterrupted (fiddler) LINK
american analog set - fool around (tiger style)
death cab for cutie - photobooth (barsuk)
kind of like spitting - free advice (ohev)
calla - don't hold your breath (arena rock)
the secret stars - some sinatra (shrimper)
carissa's wierd - you ignorant piece of shit (sad robot)
certainly, sir - secret stone (both records) LINK
revolver - don't ever leave (caroline|hut)
rivulets - will you be there (chair kickers music)
lasse lindh - bruised (hidden agenda)
the colonists - the nun (s/r?) - REQUEST FROM TASHA burningblack WHO WAS THERE IN SPIRIT
club 8 - cold hearts (hidden agenda)
hayden - middle of july (hardwood)
the pernice brothers - one foot in the grave (ashmont)
seldom - romance (casa)
will oldham - all these vicious dogs (off All The Real Girls soundtrack: Sony Pictures Classics)
damien jurado - big let down (acuarela)
(smog) - vessel in vain (drag city)
sammy - trick mammoth (fire)

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