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AUDIO POST: my very first audblog post

thanks to kim airspace for posting about this awesome new fad in the lj world! the following link will let you listen to me say something TO YOU ---> Powered by audblog

also, today yesterday was really awesome just because it was spent with awesome people. thanks to alex, dan, and new favorite leslie _protocol for an excellent day spent in a record store, and in front of a television. after alex went to the redskins game, dan and i made dinner and a cake, and called leslie over to eat with us before we watched two films, grave of the fireflies and all i want. after that awesomely terrible movie, dan left and leslie and i nerded out on the internerd a bit and then watched hedwig and the angry inch. seriously, i think all my nearest and dearest should just get clones made of themselves to ship to chicago to live with with me. le sigh.

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