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don't try this at home

note to self: don't ever drink an entire bottle of $3.99 2002 white zinfandel (or any other wineish type thing) the night before you have to work. i can already feel tomorrow sucking.

tonight i went to jeff's (glueslabs) 'cos he was feeling low and after chilling trying to fix a few of these things that were making him feel low unsuccessfully, we went to giant where i purchased: one 12 can package of vanilla coke, one piece of carrot cake, and one bottle of said wine. jeff purchased: one bottle of mike's hard raspberry cranberry lemonade, one box of fudge bars, and one bag of pieces of sharp cheddar cheese. we then watched spirited away while drunk AGAIN and i passed out on his couch while he had a cigarette outside. i woke up at 3:47am confused and with my contacts burning the fuck out of my retinas. now i am home.

completely unrelated: i do believe that stellastarr* sounds like U2 as a band with robert smith singing.
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