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tracklisting for 'on love, eyes, and sleep (mix for eric)'

01 | hayden - middle of july
02 | wolf colonel - one thousand ways
03 | delphine - first gear
04 | international airport - western light bulge
05 | rocketship - i'm lost without you here
06 | broken social scene - anthems for a seventeen year-old girl
07 | the postal service - brand new colony
08 | callow - lessons in shut eye
09 | aerospace - i should have stayed asleep
10 | sammy - trick mammoth
11 | songs: ohia - lioness
12 | hayden - a fortune i'd kept
13 | hutch & kathy - in brilliance
14 | the lucksmiths - pin cushion
15 | american analog set - don't wake me
16 | the softies - sleep away your troubles
17 | the field mice - september's not so far away
18 | yo la tengo - last days of disco
19 | the reindeer section - i'll be here when you wake up

i never ever put more than one song by the same artist on a mix, but for some reason i just couldn't part with either hayden song on this mix, so they both stayed. honestly, this is one of the best mixes i've made in a long time. he said he really really liked it, which honestly made the hours i took picking out the songs (and making mp3s out of the cds). honestly, i think this mix perfectly encapsulates how i feel about our relationship thus far, even though the general theme on this mix is sleep (duh). oh yeah, i'm hating the missing.
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