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"i'm fine; half alive, such a drag that your life's getting harder..."

sometimes people ask me what i've heard lately that really good. if you are one of these people, i can tell you in two syllables: charlene. think yo la tengo meets my bloody valentine. that's what much of this s/t album sounds similar to. it's gorgeous and sprawling and honestly, one of the best records i've heard all year. i got a late start since it was released last year. i've had the 'sugarblocker' mp3 about a year now though. i had downloaded it off insound or epitonic and i've been looking for their album in record stores ever since. the first few months i had it it was in my winamp playlist forever. it's simply hypnotic. sometimes i looped that one song for hours and hours. when i got an album [the postal service - give up] i had really been anticipating around christmas time, charlene were pushed to the back burner. a few months back at soundgarden i found three 7"s by them and i picked up all three, but didn't really listen to them all that much since i wasn't home all that much. i didn't even think to look for the album that day. last week when stephanie was here, i went on a crazy selling off old music/getting new music spree and wound up with this album, the newest calla record, the newest pinback ep, and the new rob crow album (along with 8 or so other albums which are less important at the moment). anyways, this one is the one that has stood out and just sparkled. seriously. it was $9.99 at soundgarden, which is like bargain of the century. go buy this album, because it's that good and you will love it. go support them on tour as well:


9/11/03 Thu - Toronto, CANADA - Lee's Palace
9/12/03 Fri - Detroit, MI - Shelter
9/13/03 Sat - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle *
9/15/03 Mon - Cleveland, OH - Grog Shop
9/16/03 Tue - Philadelphia, PA - The Khyber *
9/17/03 Wed - Cambridge, MA - T.T. the Bear's Place
9/18/03 Thu - TBA
9/19/03 Fri - New York, NY - Tribeca Rock Club
9/20/03 Fri - Hoboken, NJ - Maxwell's

All Dates w/ Mark Gardener (Ride) & Goldrush

* i'll be at one of these, depending on when i actually make it to chicago.

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