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good statistics.

OKAY. HI. in the span of like 30 minutes i honestly think my life got about 25% better. those statistics are crazygonuts. kevin powerofkev just called me to tell me that THE LUCKSMITHS/THE LIL' HOSPITAL can and WILL play now! music and fashion on Friday, AUGUST 8TH @ 3pm. PLUS, i got an email saying that a place that would be dreamy to work at IS HIRING (thank you joseph for suggesting it)! the second i got that email back from dream job (a trademark sign would go here), i got on the ball and emailed omar (who helped jeff make his resume awesome) to see if he would tweak mine. he said that he certainly would. stephanie is in the other room writing. i have to make fliers for TWO shows (eric's going away party show @ his house AND lucksmiths/lil hospital). THEN we are off to go buy arts and crafts supplies, because the d plan show is still on EVEN IF IT IS RAINING, fools. also, i just talked to pogo and he's loving chicago and starting PANIC there on 10 august. oh yeah...things are on the up and up.

also, earlier today eric and i emailed each other at the exact same time. that ruled too.
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