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dc to chicago ?

i've been doing a lot of thinking lately [see: where am i going? what am i doing with my life? will staying in a post d plan break up dc really make me happy? etc.]. to sum it all up...there is a good chance i will be moving to chicago in the not so far off future. i've talked to a few of you about this. now is the time you tell me what you think. there are a number of different reasons i have for wanting to move; for wanting a change. part of it involves a boy. part of it involves increasing tension with the 'rents. part of it involves not being able to find a job. and it's more than just that. i've been feeling trapped in dc now for a long time. when my dream job got filled by someone who wasn't me; that was pretty much it. a few weeks after that, when i found out another job type thing that i would have loved to do fell through, that was it, part two. i really need to escape. let me know what you think about me & chicago, please.

Poll #160336 dc to chicago?

knowing what you know of me, do you think i would be happy if i were to move to chicago?

after a while

What makes you think this?

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