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"running out of can count them on yr hands..."

mr. evan hayden mellosonic called me a bit ago asking if i'd seen his LJ in the past 10 minutes, to which i said no, seeing as how i'd only just returned from dining at four seasons with the eric and the kevin powerofkev. he informed me that i simply MUST look at it, so i sprung to my feet and ran upstairs, wondering what goodie he had planted there. to my surprise, i clicked on the LINK he had provided and POOF!, there i am in the background singing along with nicola (ADULT.). mikewong is standing next to me. go look. anyhow, evan had scanned it out of URB magazine, which i really need to go buy now, 'cos it's funny, and yea, it kinda looks like the photo frank mullen took of me on stage at i am the world trade center, except i actually look happy there...i can't even think anymore. i'm real tired, but falling asleep in my own bed is more difficult than it should be these days.

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