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films i'd like to see

even if you have already seen 28 days later, go fucking watch this trailer for it. it's NOT the one you've seen a bazillion times. it's done in a comic book style with some of the nicest drawings i've seen in some time. seriously, go fucking watch it now.

and now for lists of movie star crushes and movies i want to see starring them...

cillian murphy 28 days later</a>:
disco pigs
on the edge

jon cryer:
getting personal

andrew mccarthy:
straight from the heart
law & order: absentia
on the edge
standard time (AKA: anything but love)
new waterford girl
i woke up early the day i died
quiet days in clichy

[if you look at the listing on allmovieguide for andrew mccarthy, the ones not listed above i have seen, and for the most part, own. the television shows i don't own/haven't seen. possibly one day tho.]

adam goldberg:
i love your work (not released yet)
the hebrew hammer
scotch & milk

audrey tatou:
he loves me, he loves me not
L'Auberge Espagnole (AKA: euro pudding)
dirty pretty things

jonathan rhys meyers
vanity fair (not released yet)
prozac nation
the loss of sexual innocence
orson welles' the magnificent ambersons
the maker

jake gyllenhaal & jared leto:
highway (i'm pretty sure miss nancy told me this was horrible, but...must. see. jakey.

vincent gallo:
trouble every day
get well soon

random films not starring a crush:
i wanna hold your hand
hollywood high (this just seems fascinating)

has anyone seen any of the above? some of them are pretty obscure. i've looked for in a few independent video stores to no avail. i'm going to keep adding to this list and crossing out the ones that i see as i get to them. mm. hopeful!
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