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::candyfloss setlist - 30 june 2003

::CANDYFLOSS - 30 june 2003

::miss me
fuxa - at your leisure (che)
lickets - track 02 (sandwich records)
lu - aquarium furniture (pulCec)
to rococco rot - from dream to daylight (mute/city slang)
windsor for the derby - i change.c? (pulseprogramming remix) (aesthetics)
aspen - anniversary - (surgery)
styrofoam - there is no rest (morr)
should - lullen (words on music)
wauvenfold - eye bulb (tiger style/wichita)
casino versus japan - metrobolt (wobblyhead)
velour 100 - shine (tooth & nail)
revolver - don't ever leave (caroline)
close lobsters - pimps (enigma/fire)
the icicles - polyester dress (drive-in)
red sleeping beauty - rocketship (siesta)
i am the world trade center - can't take the heat (kindercore)
alpinestars - burning up (virgin/astralwerks)
palaxy tracks - to the chicago abyss (peek-a-boo)
daybehavior - movie (north of no south)
sondre lerche - sleep on needles (astralwerks)
blur - m.o.r. (parlophone/virgin)
cooper - diciembre (elefant)
the deathray davies - her first party (idol)
clinic - the bridge (domino)
herman und kleine - kissing you at 120 bpm (morr)
mount sims - escape hatch (emperor norton)
snow patrol - starfighter pilot (jeepster)
golden boy with miss kittin - rippin kittin (emperor norton)

::just alan
kenna - freetime (sony)
dntel - (this is) the dream of evan and chan (plug research)
cornelius - drop (matador)
rialto - anyone out there? (warner music)
the notwist - pilot (domino)
le tigre - deceptacon (DFA mix) (mr. lady)
moving units - between us & them (palm pictures)

stereo total - track 04
can - track 06
brian eno - track 03
syd barrett - vegetable man
velvet underground - ?

::just alan
charlatans - the only one i know
inspiral carpets - this is how it feels
ride - ox4?
psychedelic furts - heaven
fine china - don't say nothin
the good life - track 02
last days of april -
the postal service -
real life - send me an angel
giorgio moroder - track 07 (here to eternity)
new order -
broken social scene -
sister sonny - stupid & the silver fox

::miss me
add n to (x) - sheez mine (mute)
arling & cameron - B.B electro (emperor norton)
royksopp - so easy (someone else's radio mix) (wall of sound)
evil eye - d.o.a. (def on arrival) (evil eye)
randomnumber - until more june (rocket racer)
aarktica - ocean (siber)
owen - you should do it now while it's on your mind (polyvinyl)
neil halstead - high hopes (4AD)
ryan adams - come pick me up (bloodshot)
julie doiron - snowfalls in november (acuarela) <-- MY CD IS DEFECTIVE. GAR!
low - the plan (vernon yard)
la buena vida - vini vidi vici (siesta)
mono - sabbath (arena rock)
american analog set - you own me (tigerstyle)

i'll go back and fill in the blanks later when i am not DEAD!

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