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tell me tell me tell me you'll miss miss miss me
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Wed, Jun. 18th, 2003 01:15 am
::candyfloss setlist - 16 june 2003

last night's candyfloss was a whole lot of fun. it was a better turn out than the first two even. PLUS, phil from maserati showed up and surprised the hell out of me! he's on what he calls "the hang out tour" right now. after i closed it out phil, alex gardenhead and i went to bob & edith's, where phil told me that MATT IS LEAVING MASERATI to go to grad school in michigan. wtf!? yea. i'm bummed.

::CANDYFLOSS - 16 june 2003

::miss me
carissa's wierd - they only miss you when you leave (sad robot)
lasse lindh - walk with me (hidden agenda)
quasi - california (up)
lilys - soc's hip (sire)
joy division - love will tear us apart (factory)
the cat's miaow - sleepyhead (bus stop)
t rex - mambo sun (reprise)
versus - dumb fun (caroline)
beck - devil's haircut (dgc)
mc honky - the devil went down to silverlake (spinart)
amon tobin - piranha breaks (ninja tune)
capitol k - soundwaves (XL)
clinic - porno (domino)
eiffel tower - panorama, brooklyn (monitor)
mercury program - from the vapor of gasoline (tigerstyle)
pinback - concrete seconds (ace fu)
the long winters - new girl (barsuk)
moped - smitherjack (vital cog)
piebald - if marcus garvey dies, then marcus garvey lives (bwr)
liars - nothing is ever lost or can be lost my science friend (black first/mute)
garageland - love song (foodchain)
pixies - lala love you (4AD)
joy electric - mono synth (bec)

::just alan
dntel - (this is) the dream of evan and chan (EFA)
the notwist - pilot (domino)
rialto - anyone out there? (koch)
finechina - don't say nothing (tooth & nail)
the good life - black out (saddle creek)
elefant - make up (kemado)
we ragazzi - forever surrender 2 U (self starter)
hot hot heat - le le low (sub pop)
moving units - between us & them (palm pictures)
love as laughter - coast to coast (sub pop)
the jealous sound - naïve (better looking)
mae - embers and envelopes (tooth & nail)
anberlin - love song cure cover (tooth & nail)
sister sonny - stupid and the silver fox (rec 90)
ride - dreams burn down (sire)
charlatans - the only one i know (beggar's banquet)
rick bain & the genius position - not now (official)
six by seven - i.o.u. love (mantra)
the libertines - up the bracket (rough trade)
mclusky - to hell with good intentions (too pure)
cursive - red handed sleight of hand (saddle creek)
small brown bike/casket lottery - under pressure david bowie and queen cover (second nature)

::miss me
minus the bear - spritz!!! spritz!!! (suicide squeeze)
the selzers - kill yr radio (caged piper)
the few - worth (psb)
bright eyes - perfect sonnet (saddle creek)
the glands - swim (capricorn)
saturday looks good to me - ambulance (polyvinyl)
iron & wine - such great heights postal service cover (sub pop)
club 8 - a place in my heart (hidden agenda)
super furry animals - golden retriever (XL)
mirah - special death (k)
pale horse & rider - coney island (darla)
the microphones - i can't believe you actually died (k)
belle & sebastian - there's too much love (matador/jeepster)
the green pajamas - planet love (rubric)
orange peels - mystery lawn (spinart)
the love - boom-a-bang-bang-bang (track & field)
stephen malkmus - darkwave (matador)
the rapture - modern romance (sub pop)
party of helicopters - the good punk (velocette)
b.r.m.c. - whatever happened to my rock 'n' roll (punk song) (virgin)
adorable - lettergo (creation)

today i picked up phil from orpheus (after he realized i was not going to show at olsson's in a timely manner) and we went to the air and space museum. i hadn't been there in awhile, so it was a treat. i got sucked into watching the paper airplane contest, while phil wandered around and learned about copernicus. he said that a annoyingly giddy group of girls walked past him and said "running her hands through my fro," which is a line from r kelly - ignition (remix), which he had actually sang to me earier in the day.

as we were leaving the museum, we saw another two girls who whispered something as we approached and then jumped up to ask us if they could take our picture. phil put his arm around me and smiled the phil smile (there should be a trademark after that, but i can't be bothered to find one right now). honestly, that was one of the most bizarre things ever. then i braved washington traffic to drop phil off in arlington and then homeward, where my family was waiting on me so that we could go celebrate a late father's day at a trattoria in old town. yea, it was that kind of a day.

Current Mood: blank
Current Music: this is the modern world (capitol records 2001 promo video)


Tue, Jun. 17th, 2003 11:43 pm (UTC)

Cmon Leigh, you know Michigan rules.

she speaks in song lyrics
Wed, Jun. 18th, 2003 12:54 am (UTC)

not when it takes away a maserati-an!

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John A. Metro
Wed, Jun. 18th, 2003 09:46 am (UTC)

good to hear it went well leigh sorry i couldn't make it i had to entertain bardo pond

Nicole Riley
Thu, Jun. 19th, 2003 07:19 am (UTC)

matt is leaving....odd? what is more bizzare is that i am applying to grad skool in michigan @ MSU. is he planning on going there as well?

she speaks in song lyrics
Thu, Jun. 19th, 2003 08:53 am (UTC)
Re: michigan

i think that's the one, actually. you could email him and see. it's crazy. his gf is moving with him there. just craziness. the band is frantically looking for someone to fill his shoes. :( OH, and phil should be in morgantown, wv today or tomorrow, so ask around. i don't remember the name of the girl he is staying with.

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Nicole Riley
Fri, Jun. 20th, 2003 11:07 am (UTC)
Re: michigan

i think he is staying with my friend eir-anne. he always stays with her ;)

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she speaks in song lyrics
Fri, Jun. 20th, 2003 12:17 pm (UTC)
Re: michigan

well, if you do see him, remind him he left his records in my car and ask him for an address so i can mail them to him! gar!

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