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::candyfloss setlist - 02 june 2003

::miss me
certainly, sir - how you been (both records)
chessie - close together or far apart (closer) (dropbeat)
sonna - one most memorable (temporary residence limited)
dakota suite - the ferris wheels of winter (planting seeds)
rivulets - shakes (chair kickers music)
the field mice - think of these things (sarah)
airliner - trying to be clever (labrador)
longwave - the ghosts around you (rca)
muse - bliss (mushrooms)
kent - if you were here (rca)
mates of state - 10 years later (polyvinyl)
belle & sebastian - string bean jean (jeepster)
pas/cal - i wanna take you out in your holiday sweater (le grand magistery)
(the sounds of) kaleidoscope - haven't got the time (foxy boy)
tahiti 80 - heartbeat (minty fresh)
justin timberlake - like i love you (jive)
ADULT. - human wreck (radio edit) (ersatz audio)
vitesse - southern girls (parasol)
the postal service - sleeping in (sub pop)
athlete - el salvador
mint royale - dancehall places
audio bullys - the things
stereophonics and tom jones - mama told me not to come
blur - crazy beat
radio 4 - dance to the underground
hot hot heat - no, not now
stellastarr - somewhere across forever
interpol - pda
the bees - a minha menina (os mutantes cover)
the dandy warhols - we used to be friends
electric six - gay bar
dsico - i want to be sedated
goldfrapp - train
grand pollo football club - men are not nice guys
flying lizards - money
a certain ratio - shack up
the clean - tally ho
pixies - tame
broken social scene - cause = time
ms. john soda - solid ground
jaga jazzist - animal chin
prefuse 73 - uprock and invigorate
rjd2 - the final frontier
four tet - as serious as your life
autechre - VL AL 5
hydroplane - the love you bring
::miss me
mouse on mars - dark fx (too pure)
casiotone for the painfully alone - secretest crush (tomlab)
the troposcatter - they shouldn't have replaced you (banazan)
poulain - with fingers crossed (soft serve)
sammy - babe come down (smells like records)
justin timberlake - senorita (jive)
cato salsa experience - m.f. (emperor norton)
supergrass - i'd like to know (capitol)
the agenda - no more dancing! (kindercore)
metropolitan - slide rule (crank automotive)
dressy bessy - live to tell (kindercore)
erlend oye - the talk (astralwerks)
real life - send me an angel (mca)
the faint - worked up so sexual (saddle creek)
the (international) noise conspiracy - a textbook example (epitaph/burning heart)
irving - L-O-V-E (eenie meenie)
beulah - gene autry (velocette)
the push kings - macy, macy (sealed fate)
the colonists - the nun (self release?)
essex green - chester (elephant 6)
masters of the hemisphere - sailboat kite (kindercore)
dealership - for sale (keiki)
puffyamiyumi - love so pure (bar/none)
heavenly - c is the heavenly option
the thermals - back to gray (sub pop)
the dandy warhols - get off (capitol)
the cure - love song (elektra)
radiohead - go to sleep (capitol)

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