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running out of words

sheer sign of the apocalypse #1

is it just me or are they running out of words?

The Word of the Day for May 30 is:
applesauce \AP-ul-sawss\ noun

1 : a relish or dessert made of apples stewed to a pulp and sweetened
*2 slang : bunkum, nonsense

Example sentence:
"He asked for a frank opinion 'because all I ever have handed me is a lot of applesauce from the numerous friends who drink my drinks and eat my provender.'" (Judith and Neil Morgan, Dr. Seuss & Mr. Geisel)

sheer sign of the apocalypse #2

i am listening to cat power and not hating it!

05:23pm addendum - best quote all day:

joe canyon (5:14:34 PM): i just realized that i'm like satan compared to you. i mean, you're on stage blowing bubbles with dismemberment plan and i'm at the bar doing coke all night.
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