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"i tremble at the thought of never seeing her again..."

you won't believe this. out of the stack of stuff i just got in the mail from insound, what did i put in first? airliner! not ben gibbard/andrew kenny. what is wrong with you leigh? you were just gushing and gushing about this a few days ago and now when the package arrives you don't stop everything and play this cd? answer: because i can't do my headphones* ritual with home volume V yet, since i'm off to now! after i go to the dollar store to buy fake money and then after that = DISMEMBERMENT PLAN!

* when i first hear new music from favorite bands/musicians for the first time, i bring it into my room, put it on my stereo, and lie down in bed under the covers with my headphones on and just let it all sink in. this was established first with hayden - skyscraper national park and the tradition has lived on to this day.
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