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"so, if you believe in anything, would you come over and spend the day with me?"

due to my suspected OCD, i just did something very stupid involving 01 | my credit card and 2 | insound. i cannot NOT get a new ben gibbard release, especially not when it's a split with andrew kenny (amanset). i just happened to kind of sort of put some other things in my cart as well and then i just kind of sort of entered in my credit card number.

a list of items i kinda sorta bought:

Airliner - The Last Days of August
Dakota Suite - This River Only Brings Poison
Death Cab for Cutie - A Movie Script Ending (import CDep)
Dntel 12" - Anywhere Anyone
Julie Doiron - Broken Girl
Julie Doiron/Okkervil River - split
Eiffel Tower - Eiffel Tower
Ben Gibbard and Andrew Kenny - Home: Volume V

anyways, another reason i feel dumb is because i was going through the insound radio tracks and have now listened to this one song (palaxy tracks - to the chicago abyss) the upwards of 15 times. oh god. lovelove. now i wish i had added this to my cart as well. ungh.

to counteract the stupid misuse of my credit card, i emailed the woman i worked under when i temped at ncmec to see if there are any positions open, thanks to miss jamie contrary reminding me to do so. also, if anyone else knows of any positions needing to be filled that seem leigh-like that are in the dc area, pls pls let me know.
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