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::candyfloss tracklist - 19 may 2003

::: miss me
mull historical society - the supermarket strikes back again
figurine - IMpossible
bogdan raczynski - my love i love (08)
barcelona - paging system operator
eggstone - taramsalata
unrest - make out club
spoon - jonathan fisk
the flaming lips - fight test
hutch & kathy - my unborn beautiful
the fairline parkway - same cigarettes
blind mr. jones - regular disease
her space holiday - lydia
southpacific - parallel lines
lenola - your stars
::: just alan
home science - #2
love spit love - #1
the shining hour - #3
geneva - #9
binger the voyager - #2
notwist - pilot
the good life - #2
nectarine - #9 - constellations of a vanity
athlete - you got the style
tyro - #3
mano & the tears - i don't wanna get back
the wannadies - skin
miles - we need more closeups
fine china - #4
hot hot heat - lele low
we ragazzi - #2
::: miss me
ash - girl from mars
superheroes - turn me on
joy electric - such a beautiful thought
ladytron - turn it on
smash tv - i love you now
out hud - hair dude, you're stepping on my mystique
n.o.i.a. - no mistakes
dat politics - pie
the postal service - clark gable
fischerspooner - l.a. song
new order - state of the nation
floraline - harmony
jaga jazzist - made for radio
blind mr. jones - henna and swayed
::: just alan
elefant - #2
the psychedelic furs - heaven
james - ?
kim wilde - keep me hangin' on
underworld - cowgirl
cornelius - #4
fluke - groovy feeling
menthol - danger rock science
moving units - between us & them
placebo - #3
ensimi - #3
mae - anthems
kent - #7
::: miss me
numbers - too cool to say hi
the rapture - olio
goto 80 - datagroove
i am the world trade center - loveless sunday
leslies - boy
mates of state - these days (jackson brown cover)
le mans - mi novela autibiografica
built to spill - by the way (heavenly cover)

alan only wrote down the band and track number of most of the songs he played. i'm sure i could figure out what it's on if you had a question.

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