she speaks in song lyrics (madflowr) wrote,
she speaks in song lyrics

i hate to sound like a broken record, but i completely forgot to add another tidbit of bad to my bad luck pile. i guess i'm just trying to tone it out. on sunday while working at blockbuster we were shoplifted from again. i was working by myself. i couldn't believe it. that's like twice in 2 months on my shift. yea, things are great. i just got back from the station where i had to look at a computer print out of suspects and pick who looked like the man i saw on sunday. lots of fun. one of the detectives had all these resevoir dogs posters on his wall and his computer desktop was from resevoir dogs. gotta love cops!

i can't complain really. yesterday was good. i watched donnie darko. it was *really* good and the soundtrack was great! i saw happenstance with christina at visions. we got in for free because this girl [maria] who bryan introduced me to at the dcfc show works there! plus, it must have been 'get a discount if you're a cute indie boy' day, because there were 4 cute boys at visions. gee whiz! then we ate at HAYDEE'S in mt. pleasant. i admit the only reason i first went there was because the name is one letter away from HAYDEN'S. a bit of really blahness happened after dinner, but that is to be expected, because i can't have an all around 'good' day. it's the law. i forced christina to go back to school and do homework that she was reluctant to do. then dan came over and we watched victor/victoria, which was a laugh riot. today was more flatline, but it was alright. oh yea, i still need a job. i keep forgetting that part.

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