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"a thousand broken hearts, a million tears..." survey action

Bad habits you have:
01 - i am a horrible procrastinator
02 - i am late to everything
03 - i tend to like the wrong boys
04 - i spend money like i have a lot of it

Things you wished you had:
01 - 'drill' by radiohead (on vinyl preferably)
02 - a driver's license that was not suspended
03 - every single sarah record
04 - the original 'flickernoise' tape

Scents you love:
01 - 'sweet kisses' oil (i am SO low it's just sad)
02 - garlic sauteed in butter
03 - cadbury chocolate (esp. cadbury creme eggs)
04 - spanakopita and tsatziki on a plate together at four seasons

Things you never wear:
01 - fur
02 - things made out of bone
03 - short shorts
04 - lipstick

Things done today:
01 - i ate 2 eggos for breakfast
02 - i got the mail
03 - i let both shadow and the next door neighbors' dogs out
04 - i talked to sean on the phone

Things you last bought:
01 - quail at little viet garden at alex's bday dinner
02 - spanakopita at four seasons and alex's piece of bday cake
03 - bowling shoe rentals at the bowling alley
04 - the coke bundle at blockbuster when i worked on sunday

[the above is pretty forkin' good for me. it's tuesday and i haven't spent any $. not going out all day yesterday definitely helped with my ocd spending.]

People/things you'd like to spend more time with:
01 - my record collection
02 - the sha-sha-sha-shaw society
03 - my gurlees spread across the globe
04 - hayden desser or evan hayden

Bands. Groups. Artists most people don't know you like:
01 - justin timberlake
02 - dashboard confessional
03 - moby
04 - ... i don't know. it's not like i keep things secret

Regular drinks:
01 - vanilla coke
02 - pink lemonade
03 - apple juice
04 - random gurlee mix drinks

Things on your mind:
01 - i need to feed my dog
02 - i need to do laundry
03 - i really need to write a few papers
04 - a bunch of random crymeariverscuomo shit

Last few I've kissed/been kissed:
01 - yea, that boy
02 - jen kissed me on the cheek when i dropped her off a week or so ago
03 - that boy miguel
04 - evan mellosonic

top five places of the moment...
01 - philadelphia
02 - four seasons diner restaurant
03 - milwaukee
04 - nyc
05 - anywhere in the uk

[fave places -- what? places i'd like to be? places i have spent time lately?]

top five bands of the moment...
01 - radiohead
02 - the postal service
03 - superchunk
04 - mogwai
05 - damien jurado

[i just listed things i've been listening to heaps lately]

last cigarette: um, in a past life...probably not.
last car ride: sunday driving back from blockbuster [has it really been that long since i've left my house?]
last kiss: oh, that night after bright eyes
last good cry: a few days later, wednesday 30 april
last library book checked out: branded: the buying and selling of teenagers by alissa quart, the frog king by adam davies, and in the drink by kate christensen. right now, i'm deeply immersed in the first tho.
last movie seen: The Lizzie Maguire Movie
last cuss word uttered: shit!
last beverage drank: Paul Newman's Pink Lemonade out of the carton
last food consumed: Eggo's
last crush: someone i'd rather not say, joseph sectsymbol, preston techn0colour and, as always, my rockstar crushes
last phone call: from = sean alifeinbooks, to = mike h.
last tv show watched: judging amy on tape last night.
last time showered: yesterday morning
last shoes worn: slippers to get the mail
last cd played: vitesse - a certain hostility
last item bought: see above, not directly above, but way above.
last downloaded: snowden's secret - untitled
last annoyance: realizing i might have to leave the house to get vanilla coke
last disappointment: yea, him tied with myself
last soda drank: my last vanilla coke last night mixed 1:1 with vodka
last thing written: a new song bit called "on breaking up with a ninja"
last key used: my next door neighbor's front door key, so i could let their dogs out
last word spoken: "i love you" to my faithful puppy.
last sleep: 4am til today 2pm
last im: from a friendster named nick
last sexual fantasy: involved making out with miguel, which is so *not* happening again.
last weird encounter: i have no idea.
last ice cream eaten: two nights ago i ate the rest of the breyers chocolate/vanilla.
last time amused: typing with jeff glueslabs a bit ago and deciding that J>E>F>F> was aesthetically pleasing.
last time wanting to die: last wednesday (30 apr)
last time in love: the jeremiah.
last time hugged: ding ceasetoexist on friday night?
last time scolded: by my dad on the phone on sunday.
last time resentful: still in progress.
last chair sat in: i am sitting in the computer room chair right now
last lipstick used: lipstick = yuck, but lipgloss = yay
last underwear worn: white, shiny
last bra worn: white, shiny
last shirt worn: i am wearing a plaid gap shirt right now
last time dancing: ADULT. @ black cat last monday
last poster looked at: a huge b&s tour poster i dug out to show joseph last night
last show attended: ADULT. @ black cat last monday
last webpage visited: livejournal, my show list page, and friendster all open right now.

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