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"gonna let you cook some pies"

i haven't really posted anything of substance for a bit now. honestly, i think it's been over a month since i posted anything of substance. well, i don't plan on starting right away with this post, but maybe in the end.

conversing with shawn wevah
madflowr (1:03:32 AM): i am all blah
madflowr (1:03:33 AM): todayy
idoru0 (1:05:24 AM): why!
idoru0 (1:05:29 AM): thats not allowed
madflowr (1:06:34 AM): cos i am sicky.
idoru0 (1:06:38 AM): awww
idoru0 (1:06:51 AM): eat well
madflowr (1:08:49 AM): i did
idoru0 (1:08:55 AM): soup?
madflowr (1:10:15 AM): egg drop!
madflowr (1:10:49 AM): egg drop = a good dj name right?
madflowr (1:10:50 AM): hee.
idoru0 (1:11:03 AM): its awesome for soup, too
madflowr (1:11:08 AM): haha
madflowr (1:11:13 AM): you are awesome for soup
madflowr (1:11:21 AM): if you could be any kind of soup, which kind would you be?
idoru0 (1:11:28 AM): please refrain from boiling me!
idoru0 (1:11:42 AM): i like those korean soups with the crazy noodles in them
idoru0 (1:12:02 AM): i want to be jade noodle and watercress soup!
madflowr (1:12:46 AM): aww!
madflowr (1:12:48 AM): whoa!
idoru0 (1:13:01 AM): woah?!
madflowr (1:14:27 AM): those are good answers!
madflowr (1:14:31 AM): or a good answer
idoru0 (1:14:45 AM): why thank you! what is your answer?
madflowr (1:16:54 AM): i dunno
madflowr (1:16:58 AM): prolly chicken noodle
madflowr (1:17:04 AM): i am pretty plain + salty
idoru0 (1:17:13 AM): i think you are either chicken star soup or wonton soup
madflowr (1:17:43 AM): hee
madflowr (1:17:51 AM): i don't eat what's in most wontons, so that's why i'm not that!
madflowr (1:17:52 AM): ;)
idoru0 (1:18:08 AM): i dont even know whats in it!
idoru0 (1:18:34 AM): i shouldve said that you are hot and sour soup!
madflowr (1:21:55 AM): hahaha
madflowr (1:21:57 AM): no way!
madflowr (1:21:58 AM): beef!

no, really, what kind of soup are you and why?

the funniest thing i have seen in the past 24 hours is here. i have never been a pirate, tho i have a couple of you fooled! YARG! the coolest thing i have seen in the past 24 hours is also an entry by hannah mollymolly displaying her book project: holes. her being awesome is why she gets fun things in the mail.

these past few days have been all about me skipping school and going to dan's house and doing nothing type things. honestly, dan immediatetongue is one of the few people who i rarely get sick of. you should come see him in his band that plays the emotional metal [love in the time of cholera] on saturday at make-out party. pretty please.

don't die on the motorway

on monday morning i woke up at an ungodly hour in a cold sweat. i had a dream that my mom and i were riding in the backseat of steven stevenleighcook's car and he was making a left from my street and onto franconia road. for some reason franconia had morphed from a 35 mph road into a highway type roadway and the turning lane was missing or steven didn't realize it was there. he swerved into incoming traffic and dodged cars going racecar speed and then ran off the road and into a street light. the car started to flip and at this point, i saw all of this from a distance. i felt vomit rising up from my stomach at the same time i was trying to scream. it was at that point i knew i was dead. then i woke up. the first thing i wanted to do was to call steven and make sure he was okay, but it was like 4 or 5 a.m. and also, i was afraid of calling and him being dead.

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