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"i read this letter for the hundredth time today..."

it's pretty funny, because when i really think about it, i don't think i've been this depressed in a long while. i realize that it's pretty fucked up, since i have had some enjoyable nights recently. seeing a bunch of great kids in philly last night [a few of whom i had not seen in AGES] only made me sadder about living in dc tho.

up until two hours ago, i didn't even have anyone to go to yo la tengo with me tonight. how sad would that have been? seeing them alone. i don't think i would have ended up going. that's where i'm coming from. don't mind me.

the highlight of my entire week was ben telling me that he was really surprised that he didn't recognize most of the bands on the mix cds i made him. also, him saying that pins are like merit badges. "you're the good things..." okay, also maserati. so maybe i was lying about my life being terrible. i'm not exaggerating when i say that i have seen bands more than i have seen good friends lately. let's work on changing this, please.

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