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survey ness

stolen from joseph loisboy who stole it from someone else:

Name: leigh k.
Nickname: madflowr, maddy
Birthday: 10 may 1979
Birthplace: tacoma, washington
Hometown: alexandria, va
Living Now: alexandria, va


Current mood: calm
Current music: computer hum
Current taste: big red gum
Current hair: a bit dirty, parted off center.
Current clothes: radiohead shirt, beige sweater, dark blue levis, pea coat, white socks, dark blue saucony jazz and underwear bits i refuse to describe.
Current annoyance: the fact that i have not been able to finish ANYTHING lately.
Current smell: chalk
Current thing: the postal service is soon soon soon!
Current windows open: aim chat windows with glueslabs + pogoHFS
Current desktop picture: some stupid george mason seal
Current book: kiss and tell by alain de botton
Current cds in stereo: pulseprogramming - s/t LP on record player. longwave - the strangest things CD in my car stereo.
Current crush: ben gibbard? some boys who probably know who they are.
Current favorite: HAIL TO THE THIEF
Current hate: people who don't use their turn signals
Current job: blockbuster: sunday 9-5, now! music and fashion: wednesday 6-9, friday 11-4, saturday 11-4. stuff: whenever i have something to do from them.

=The last time=

Last book you read: nickled and dimed by barbara ehrenreich.
Last movie you saw: ginger snaps [oh, such a classic. er?]
Last thing you had to drink: vanilla coke.
Last time you showered: tuesday night?
Last thing you ate: two eggos with strawberry jam + margarine.
Last person you talked to on the phone: shawn wevah

=Do I=

Do drugs: no way!
Have sex: not in over a year.
Have a dream that keeps coming back? oh yes.
Play an instrument? alto saxophone. i will learn bass before the year is out, hopefully.
Believe there is life on other planets? life, yes. aliens = maybe not.
Remember your first love? oh yes.
Still love him/her?: nope.
Read the newspaper?: sometimes.
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: yes.
Believe in miracles? yes.
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? heck yes.
Consider yourself tolerant of others? yes.
Consider love a mistake? this is a trick question.
Have a favorite candy?: cadbury creme eggs.
Believe in astrology?: nope, but i read my horoscope anyways.
Believe in magic?: sometimes.
Believe in god: unsure. i used to.
Have any pets: one bernese mountain dog gurlee named shadow
Do well in school?: certain classes, yes.
Go to or plan to go to college: i'll be done in a year's time if all goes well.
Wear hats?: when it's cold. one pink hat in my user pics and one knitted by okrebecca!
Have any piercings?: only my ears but i rarely wear earrings. also, i do have scars from the time i pierced my own belly button.
Have any tattoos?: nope, but i'm thinking about it more and more lately.
Hate yourself?: nope. one can hate things about oneself and not hate the whole package.
Have an obsession: music followed closely by film.
Have a secret crush?: yes.
Do they know yet?: probably.
Collect anything?: obsessively.
Have a best friend?: i have three...shashashashaw!
Close friends?: see above.
Wish on stars?: sometimes.
Like your handwriting?: yep.
Care about looks?: i'm human. i can't just edit that out.

=Love life=

First crush: david dudley/geoff lawrence in 5th grade.
Single or attached?: single.
Ever been in love?: yep.
Do you believe in love at first sight?: i believe an initial attraction can springboard into a healthy relationship, but those times are rare.
Do you believe in "the one?": i did, until he broke my heart.
Describe your ideal significant other: well, most of it is listed at my 100% perfect boy quiz.

=Juicy stuff=

Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?: yes, but not on my part. coughcough popscene
Have you ever been intoxicated?: yes, but only a couple of times.
Favorite place to be kissed? neckage and mouthage.
Shy to make the first move?: it depends on who with.

=Are you a=

Wuss: sometimes.
Druggy: no way.
Daydreamer: yep.
Freak: a musically obsessed one, yea.
Dork: yep.
Bitch/Asshole: only when i don't take off ppl's late fees.
Brat: nope.
Sarcastic: often.
Goody-goody: nope.
Angel: can be.
Devil: nope. BOYS ARE THE DEVIL.
Shy: sometimes.
Talkative: much of the time.
Adventurous: with certain things.
Joker: oh yes.
Flirty: can be.

=Word association=

Rock: action
Green: matt pond pa!
Wet: water
Cry: me a river
Peanut: butter
Hay: hey hey girl
Cold: play?
Steamy: hott!
Fast: and furious?
Freaky: friday!
Rain: today
Bite: teeth
Suck: face
Blow: johnny depp
Hard: ware


1) Last dream: i dreamt i started working at an old folk's home.
2) Last car ride: to school.
3) Last kiss: last week.
4) Last good cry: driving and listening to radiohead a few weeks ago.
5) Last Missing Library Book: under the fang back a few years ago, but it wasn't missing. i just told them it was so i could buy it.
6) Last movie seen: ginger snaps [see above?]
7) Last Book Read: nickeled and dimed [also see above].
8) Last cuss word uttered: FUCK, said to a bad driver earlier today.
9) Last beverage drank: vanilla coke [this is all deja vu]
10) Last Food consumed: i just said!

re-started at 12:45am

11) Last Crush: evan mellosonic maybe?
12) Last phone call: shawn [all said above]
13) Last TV show watched: something on food network
14) Last Item Bought: mono - one step more and you die CD and ADULT. - anxiety always
15) Last time showered: [see above]
16) Last shoes worn: see above.
17) Last CD played: see above.
18) Last downloaded: hm. something someone sent me.
19) Last annoyance: a stupid bus thing not turning cutting the wheel enough when he was turning and then him yelling at me to reverse when it was all his fault!
20) Last disappointment: not finishing all my SYN stuff tonight.
21) Last soda drank: above...
22) Last thing written: an IM to laini and someone who just IMed off moc.
23) Last key used: my front door.
24) Last word spoken: aww - to the movie i'm watching.
25) Last trip to the bathroom: BLECH!
26) Last sleep: woke up at 9:15, had breakfast, went back to bed from 10:00-11:00
27) Last IM: laini + some moc boy.
28) Last sexual fantasy: "THE KING EATS A BOX COVERED IN SYRUP!"
29) Last orgasm: doot doot dooot.
30) Last weird encounter: last saturday?
31) Last Store Shopped at: dccd.
32) Last ice cream eaten: chocolate chip cookie dough a few weeks ago.
33) Last time amused: whilst watching this movie.
34) Last time wanting to die: actually die die die - february 14th, 2002.
35) Last time in love: the j.
36) Last time hugged: earlier tonight saying bye to alex gardenhead
37) Last time scolded: a few days ago for not managing my finances well.
38) Last time resentful: earlier today?
39) Last chair sat in: computer room chair with a pillow behind my back.
40) Last lipstick used: err. lipgloss everyday.
41) Last underwear worn: black - right now.
42) Last shirt worn: radiohead shirt. duh.
44) Last class attended: principles of public relations
45) Last Final taken: wtf?
46) Last time dancing: in my car to postal service a few days ago!
47) Last poster looked at: the cave-in ones i was putting up tonight.
48) Last concert attended: the lil' hospital/boys star library/the positions @ Velvet Lounge on Monday night.
49) Last webpage visited: livejournalee

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