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and the sun was a blur on the side of the road

honestly, there is nothing like roadtrips for thinking. i feel out of touch with a lot of you and i really don't know how to change that. i'm going to stop reaching out as much i have been, because only rarely does that reaching out pay off. often times it leaves me feeling even more lonely. i've finally realized that i can do things by myself. as proven last night, i can even go on 4+ hour roadtrips alone and feel almost completely satisfied at the end of the night. i didn't even die in a car crash!

i just commented in renee bunnysuit's journal how sometimes it feels awful knowing that the people who would go on crazy roadtrips at the drop of a hat to see your favorite bands play to 12 ppl in a coffee shop -- people you connect with, people you love, live ridiculously far away. it's not fair. so, from here on out, i am going to be doing things differently in my life. no more begging and pleading you kids to go with me. i'm sick of it. if you see a show on my shows list that you would like to accompany me to, then get in touch.

the only thing i might beg you to come to is when i start djing again, which looks like i might start doing every monday at dr. dremos. djing to no one is no fun, unless it's in my bedroom.
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