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"i can't fucking stop thinking about you..."

"eyes so deep you'd
never see through - i
can't fucking stop
thinking about you."

-no culture icons (the thermals)

I CANNOT STOP LISTENING TO THIS SONG. that's all. steven thinks i am crazy. i probably am since i have been hanging out with him for 24 hrs+ we went to generous george's positive pizza place tonight! i haven't been there since i was a kid. OH MY GOD. yum!

also, this lyric is fucking amazing:

"you only want the one that leaves you shaking.
you only want the one that makes you crazy."

-goddamn the light (the thermals)

i <3 the thermals. i might eat the cost of my philly notwist/styrofoam ticket just so i can see them. it's either that or go to some far off place to see them. hm. oh yea, duh, the fire theft last night were grand! plus, we got to hang out with christina youtripmeup in coughcough spaceboy, which was trouble! oops!
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