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sleep is for the meek + the weak [all small]

i know i'm going to regret this in a few hours, but i'm really glad i went out to not one, not two, but three bars - tho i only had a drink at one of them. thanks to les anorakgirl for convincing me to go! thanks to jennifer, leslie baltimore, and mike [aka TEAM GARLIC] and jamie and leslie and danimal. tonight was great! photos are forthcoming. yikes. sleep.

hey, if i have you on my friends list and we speak and whatnot, i want you to post yr CD/record wantlists here. things you've been meaning to get. things you've always meant to get, but didn't. things you're embarassed to say you want [okay, well you can IM me with those]. also post what format you want these in. i dunno. i already asked a few of you. anyways, i'm just interested, so like, post away. something MIGHT come of it.
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