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"i lie awake and think of you. the floods and fires might be coming through, but you would know just what to do."

last night i was so low that i called jeremiah and broke the 3 month rule and he wasn't there so i left a msg on the ansaphone saying he could call me back any time; that i just really wanted to talk to him. he didn't return my call.

i was listening to bootleg i made from the show from tuesday night. after the guy hit me in the head i said, "could you please stop?" even when i was pissed off i was polite, because i was so into the show and so didn't want this guy to ruin it for me [which he completely did]. i can't stop thinking about what a complete asshole he was and how i couldn't do anything, because he was with ppl and i was by myself. i don't think i should have to be afraid for my safety while going to a show. gah.

things that cheered me up today:

+ i woke up at 1:30 +
+ i watched moonstruck for the first time +
+ niko called me +
+ mike h. took me to dinner at mexicali blues +
+ dan called me +
+ i saw sean for the first time in 4 years or so +
+ laini made me the most awesome webpage ever +

sean said it was a little wierd at first for him, but it wasn't that wierd for me. i don't know. it's almost like he's the same person i remember from when i first met him. it was maybe a wee bit wierd, but we met up at tower and then went to barnside diner and the guy with the neato green eyes was working. we hung out and talked awhile and then it was sleepee time and i drove him back to the tower parking lot and his car was MIA! we freaked out and looked around for towing signs and found nothing that said "your car will be towed if you leave it here" in the lot. then he thought that his explorer might have been stolen so we searched for broken glass. none found. so he knocked on the s.f.w. [haha their initials are the same as a reallllly bad stephen dorff movie] and the night janitor got the manager to bring us the phone number of the towing company. we called and sho-nuff, it was there. we trekked out to springfield, he paid them $90, he retrieved his car and we said goodbye. i'm really glad we finally met up. it had been too long since i'd last seen him. he seems the same as when i first met him. he said that jay said i looked different, but he said i looked pretty much the same. i don't feel the same.

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