she speaks in song lyrics (madflowr) wrote,
she speaks in song lyrics

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"this is where i live, but i've never felt less at home."

i feel that tonight i succeeded in hitting rock bottom. a boy hit me in the back of the head tonight for taking pictures at the death and dismemberment show, during death cab's set. this is after he first yelled "fucking stop!" at the back of my head. i thought he meant stop holding the camera up above the audience and then snapping a photo. so the next time i got ready to take a photo i made sure i held it down at audience level. nope. that's when the blow came. i spun around and gave him an absolutely filthy look and he said, "fucking stop taking photos!" and i said, "it's my right to take photos." more banter ensued. he said it wasn't my right. i said it was again and that photos were allowed and our little chat ended in me spinning back around to watch DCFC and him saying loudly, "dumb bitch".
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