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make-out party #4 - saturday, 22 feb 2003 @ diver city house

it would mean a lot to me if you could drop by at least for awhile this saturday. get there around 8:30 for free food and sodas. the show should actually start AT 9:00pm. anyways, i really did a bad job of promoting it, but that doesn't mean these bands aren't great. they ARE. support yr local scene.


make-out show

@ the diver city house
882 n. harrison st.
arlington, va 22205

saturday, 22 feb 2003
starting at 8:30 pm

love in the time of cholera [emotional metal]

sentai (cd release show) [electro-pop-clash]

army of pirates [rock]

$2 admission [less than 67 cents a band]

BYOB if yr of legal drinking age!
free food and sodas - get there early!

more information at:
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