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"too hard on the brakes again..."

dear livejournal,

on the way home from seeing the hold steady's second show EVER at the talking head in baltimore [which was incredible and i will gush more about later], we had an accident. there was LIGHT snow in baltimore, but then POOF - when we got on 95 it was EVERYWHERE. in short, my car spun out of control since the roads were NOT PLOWED AT ALL and a car hit my rear end and then another car behind that one ran off into the ditch. amazingly, everyone was alright, tho you wouldn't know it by the looks of the cars. my bumper is cracked and my trunk hood pokes up just a little. the metal of the hood of the car behind me was scrunched up. they had just left on a 7 day road trip earlier that day from [i believe] saratoga, ny. it could have been worse. it could have been worse. i keep telling myself that.

who wants to give me a neckrub? seriously.
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