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"hey girl, you got the time?" - pointless survey

survey snagged from emily aemmv

five songs you know by memory
01 | killer cars - radiohead
02 | between us to hold - hayden
03 | nothing better - the postal service
04 | bright eyes - a perfect sonnet
05 | on the third time - kissing book

five things you can't live without:
01 | my record collection
02 | other ppl
03 | live music
04 | oxygen
05 | my glasses and/or contacts

top five locations i want to run away to:
01 | london, england
02 | glasgow, scotland
03 | anywhere australia
04 | belfast, ireland
05 | seattle, wa vs. portland, or

name five bad habits you have:
01 | buying records on my credit card
02 | procrastinating
03 | biting off hangnails/dead skin even after they start bleeding
04 | crushing on boys who live far away
05 | crushing on boys in general

name 5 random facts about yourself:
01 | i can pick up things with my toes.
02 | i am close to being a vegetarian, except for the fact that i eat poultry.
03 | i like drawing on scrap paper - A LOT.
04 | i have a deep voice for a girl.
05 | i lived in germany from approximately age 3-5

name 5 random facts about your family:
01 | i have a brother, but we could not be more different [that might be since i'm adopted]
02 | my dad used to give tours of gettysburg
03 | my mom and dad met in vietnam [my mom was in the red cross]
04 | my dad listens to books on tape all the time in the car
05 | my dad plays the banjo and the piano, tho he doesn't play either very much anymore

name 5 websites you recommend:
01 | jon burgerman
02 | tonevendor
03 | livejournal connect
04 | labrador records
05 | chengwin

ever fallen for your best friend? oh yes.
made out with JUST a friend? yes.
been in love? yes.
been in lust? eh.
done something you regret? yes.

last person...
you touched? my grandma.
you talked to? on the phone? jonathan @ now!
you hugged? my grandma.
you instant messaged? seth.
you yelled at? my brother.
you had a crush on? laris?
do you colour your hair? not for awhile.
have tattoos? no.
piercings? only my ears.
have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both? no.
floss daily? nope.
own a webcam? yes.
ever get off the damn computer? amazingly, yes.
sprechen sie deutsche? nope.
habla espanol? nope.
considered a life of crime? no.
are you psycho? no.
schizophrenic? no.
obsessive? over music.
obsessive compulsive? with certain things.
anxiety? once in awhile.
if you could be anywhere, where would you be? back in time.
what are you listening to? the rockumentalists
current clothes: dark blue jeans and an orange get up kids shirt and blue sauconys and white socks and i'm not going to mention my unmentionables.
current hair: as always, parted off center
current desktop picture: baby cinnamon [it's also one of my user icons]

001. my name is: leigh
002. i may seem: like a nerd
003. but i'm really: a music nerd
004. people who know me think i'm: obsessed with music
005. if you knew me you'd probably: want to hang out with me 24/7 [mwahahah]
006. sometimes i feel: more lonely than i should.
007. in the morning i: have to turn off two alarm clocks [one on each side of my bed]
008. i like to sleep: on my side with one arm underneath my sturdy pillow [sometimes in the case, sometimes not], with my other arm wrapped around santa mouse and my knees bent.
009. if i could be doing anything right now: making out [wait, isn't that a dashboard lyric? :)]
010. money is: something i wish i had some of right now
011. one thing i wish i had is: the big v back [sometimes]
012. one thing i have that i wish i didn't: a high credit card bill
013. what i don't need: ppl who aren't straight up with me
014. if i had one wish it would be: that i didn't fuck up school
015. love: is something i wish i'd never experienced
016. my body: could stand to lose a few pounds
017. if an angel flew into my window at night i would: make her a mixtape [what?]
018. if a demon crashed into my window i would: make him a mixtape [what?]
019. if i could see one person right now it would be: you know who
020. something i want but i don't really need is: see above
021. something i need but i don't really want is: money [my answers are a lot like emily's answers]
022. i live for: music
023. i dare you to: TAKE ME ON
024. i am afraid of: never finding true love
025. it makes me angry when: i feel like i give my all and i don't get that back from the ppl i love
026. i dream about: crushes on popstars, when my friends aren't dying
027. i daydream about: boys that don't deserve it
028. my ideal mate would: be someone who has all the records on my want list
029. my ideal life would be: making music with the one i love and living happily ever after
030. one thing i know that i will never be able to do: stop being attracted to the opposite sex no matter how hard i try
031. if i could change one thing about myself physically, it would be: lose a lot of weight
032. i am disappointed with: boys
033. i am elated with: the fact that music still has the ability to both wow and wreck me
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