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radiohead saves the day

this makes me unbearably happy! oh, radiohead, you!

another thing that makes me happy: tonight = apples in stereo! wahey!

i totally just swapped for a pokemon video on swappingtons [5 points for poke-friends]. whoa! last night i took shelly to see chicago, which was awesome awesome awesome! i'd never seen the play, so i wasn't too familiar with the story. richard gere was definitely the weakest actor in the film, but that's no surprise. yarg! after dropping shelly at home, i came back here and watched my wife is an actress, which was a really sweet film that also conveyed a lot of honesty. i really enjoyed it.

i have to run off to the postal service [btw, the BAND the postal service is booking their tour right now - YAY] to mail off some swappingtons stuff!
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