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"what made you think that i was what you were looking for?"

firstly, if you feel like some good sad bastard music, go here. onwards...

i collect:

andrew mccarthy movies
baby cinnamon [sanrio]
band posters
band tee shirts
carry out menus
compact discs
fortune cookie fortunes
hoshikuma [sanrio]
interesting mugs
jon cryer movies
lacoste sweaters
make-up boxes
movie posters
movie ticket stubs
nyago [sanrio]
old magazines
receipts from record stores
set lists
shinkansen [sanrio]
wheat ear pennies

i used to collect:

badtz maru [sanrio]
g.i. joe
keroppi [sanrio]
monkichi [sanrio]
my little pony
new kids on the block
rose petal place
stuffed animals
teenage mutant ninja turtles
thunder cats

please do not be offended if i took you off my friends list. events that transpired/did not transpire earlier tonight made me do it. i also deleted 25 ppl off my aim buddy list, so it really must be spring winter cleaning. also, from this point on i am doing everything in my power not to trip over my past on the way to my future. wish me luck.
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